Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thesis students

Being close to the Delft Technical University, my employer has tightened our relations with universities. I have the pleasure of mentoring two students performing their thesis study at HintTech.

Krishna Akundi from TU Delft has just completed his thesis study on visualizing large news archives in the temporal perspective. From a more fundamental research of the subject, his study has transformed into the quest for finding the most usable interface to visualize news trends in topics over time.

Marian Szabo from TU Delft has just started on the subjects of finding and fixing errors in ontologies. All ontologies have the potential for errors, and Marian quest is trying to help fixing them by finding, visualizing and showing possibilities to repair the errors.

Both offer interesting challenges in the exploration, understanding and visualization of Big Content sets, especially sets of RFD.

We are grateful to Newz for use of their data and providing substantive direction.

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